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H&K G28 Sniper Rifles Are Now Contracted by the Army

Image of the modified H&K G28 Rifle used by the Army
Image by Military Factory

Heckler & Koch have made a statement that their modified G28 rifle is now under the Army’s Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) contract. The G28 is to replace the M110 manufactured by Knight’s Armament. The change is occurring as a result of the Army’s needs for a lighter, more compact rifle while maintaining high accuracy and performance.

Meanwhile, Heckler and Koch did not immediately answer any questions regarding the new rifle and how it differs from the G28 model. However, since the official news release, they have released that the commercial version of the rifle is 38 inches in length, and a moderate 12.7 lbs. These numbers make the new CSASS contract rifle 2.5 inches shorter and 3 lbs. lighter than the M110. President of H&K Wayne Weber said, “Our version of the G28 is exactly what the Army needs to upgrade their sniper rifle units. We kept in mind their need for mobility, so we made a handier, more compact arm while making sure it was just as accurate and reliable as the M110.”

The Knight’s Armament Company was very sportsmanlike in the matter. They congratulated the winner for taking over the CSASS contract. Their press release states, “The CSASS competition is the reason the top weapon manufacturers continue to evolve. Because the government needs to be armed with only the best artillery, competition drives innovation in the weapon industry. The objective everyone in the industry shares is to get the best products out onto the frontlines as quickly as possible.”

Army representatives at the Pentagon have not provided a statement of their own about the change.

This contract is expected to produce approximately 3,643 rifles that amount up to $44.5 million, making each sniper rifle worth about $12,000. This also includes supplying spare parts and support to the Army.