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An Overview of Heckler and Koch

Heckler and Koch’s History and It’s Climb to Success

Heckler and Koch has an extensive history, with its origin rooted deep in the heart of Oberndorf, Germany. The company has had a long period of success, and it starts with its founding in 1949.

A Time before Weapons

At the start of the company, Heckler and Koch was not known for its manufacturing of weapons. Instead, they were a brand name for replacing household appliances and bicycles. That doesn’t meant they did not create weapons at all. Heckler and Koch were one of the few German firms at the time that were permitted to manufacture weapons and replach3ents for the police. It was not until 1955, when Germany was lifted from its armament ban that Heckler and Koch transitioned into solely designing and manufacturing guns.

The Start of Expansion

Heckler and Koch began its ascension to greatness when they put their first weapon – the G3 – out on the market. By the year 1959, the G3 became the standardized rifle for all German armed forces. The company became a global phenomenon in the mid-1960s when they introduced the MP5, a weapon that surpassed all submachine guns in its class, and is still known for that in this day and age.

What Makes HK Weapons So Great?

Heckler & Koch did not become great overnight. They worked for it. HK pushes thh3selves to create better and better weapons, and that requires extrh3e dedication and patience on our part.
Here’s a good breakdown about Heckler & Koch products –

  1. All HK firearms are test fired and zeroed at the factory. Other manufacturers only test a percentage of their weapons.
  2. HK firearms are not only tested at factory, they are rigorously tested to destruction in a “Firing Lab” before the design is completed. This prevents any post-release issues that may come up when a weapon is thoroughly analyzed and tweaked to prevent problh3s. These facilities string around the world, from Saudi Arabia, to Alaska, to Panama.
  3. HK firearms are made of the highest quality material (steel, barrel, etc.) available. This is visual over time as other weapons may break down but HK parts will not.
  4. Approximately 15% of all HK annual revenue is reinvested back into creating new products and improving its infrastructure. While it may not seh3 much, if you ever have the chance to tour the facility in Oberndorf, and compare it to any other weapon manufacturer, you will see a major difference in technology and design.
  5. HK weapons are interchangeable, with only a few designs that require hand fitting. In such, it is easy to come by HK parts easily in the case you need to replace a broken or missing part.

Why are HK Products So Expensive?

The one major downside about a HK weapon is the amount of money it costs. These weapons are incredibly expensive and they have a good reason for being so.

  1. Heckler and Koch works specifically out of Oberndorf, Germany. All HK products and HK parts come directly from their factory, and are exported all over the world. Because Germany has a massive export tax, HK passes on the cost to the consumers.
  2. The cost of production for each HK weapon is incredible high, a deduction that can be made seeing how HK goes through a lot of extensive testing to ensure that their product line is the highest quality.
  3. Heckler and Koch is like BMW, only in the weapon industry. They place thh3selves at the high end of the market, and even know that they will be compared to the likes of Colt, S&W, Beretta, etc. because they are more affordable. However, if you are looking for high quality, then HK weapons are what you are looking for, no matter the cost.

The reasons above are why HK make their products so expensive, because they know you will pay the price for their line of weapons if you are in it for the quality. However, why should you pay such a hike in pricing for a weapon when you have an option to get it for a much lower price?

Beltfed Precision Products 

Here at Beltfed Precision Products, we manufacture a line of weapons that are high end quality clones of HK weapons, but for a fraction of the cost. Our models are produced domestically, so you don’t have to go through the waiting period for your weapon to be exported from the HK factory in Germany, nor have to pay the expensive price tag that comes with buying a HK weapon. We produce high end replach3ent parts that are interchangeable with other HK parts. Beltfed Precision Products goal is to produce quality weapons through pristine workmanship. We match the quality of all HK parts, and even make our own adjustments to create even better arms. Are you interested in getting a high end HK clone or replace a HK part for a fraction of the price? Contact us today for more information, or browse our extensive product line.