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H&K Makes a Move in America

Heckler & Koch Warehouse Facility Located in Columbus, Georgia
Picture by The Firearm Blog

This past week, Heckler & Koch finalized a decision to mover 84 jobs from their factory in Newington, New Hampshire, to their new $28 million plant located in Columbus, Georgia.

Moving from New Hampshire to Georgia

The move, as Heckler & Koch have stated, was made because of the laws restricting them in the state of New Hampshire. The state was imploding with high energy costs, rising health care rates, and no right-to-work laws.

As for Heckler and Koch, they have only experienced success in the United States. Back in 2008, Heckler & Koch took their first step out of Germany to outsource HK Parts here in the United States. The goal was to generate more buyers in the United States by reducing the shipping costs. Since then, H&K has processed and developed pistols and rifles designed for law enforcement and military customers for the United States.

In more recent success, H&K was able to complete a deal to arm the US Army with approximately 3,600 new G28 Rifles for a huge sum of $44.5 million. Their business success with the US military has pushed them to create a new factory located in Columbus, Georgia, and move over much of the product manufacturing to the new plant.

H&K Aren’t the Only Ones

HK parts are not the only things leaving New Hampshire in search of somewhere more cost friendly. Sig Sauer, had first thought of New Hampshire as the place to go to expand their brand name, but after looking at the cost to produce there changed their minds and have made plans to expand in Arkansas.

The cost of industrial power in New Hampshire is just too high. It’s over 12 cents a kW per hour. That’s an insurmountable amount of money for an armament manufacturer when there are other states that have way cheaper power.

It seems that with all the recent news about Heckler and Koch and their dealings with our military, their move was an American one. They’re making HK parts affordable for the people who are looking for them, and they’re saving their own money by investing in a factory in a cheaper state. However, there are other ways you can get your hands on high quality HK Parts. Here at Beltfed Precision Products, we reproduce high quality clone parts for HK models, making it easier to get and more affordable to you as well. For more information, contact us today!