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The Best Place to Get HK Parts and Clones is Here

Has it been your dream to own a legendary HK 91 Rifle, but can’t afford it? Yes, both you and I know that HK 91s, as well as mostly all other Heckler & Koch firearms are very high-end, which makes it very tough for your everyday gun enthusiast to get their hands on owning one. What if I told you there’s a way to get the HK firearm you want, less than half the cost, brand spanking new, and made domestically here in the U.S.A.? HK Clones that are better than the ones crafted by Heckler & Koch themselves? That’s right I said better, you’re not reading this wrong.

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At Beltfed Precision Products, we have taken the blueprints of HK firearms - such as the G3 rifle, the M249 and many more – and have redesigned them to be lighter, more durable, and more affordable.

Our Promise - Our line of HK clones are built to perfection. You’ll flip over your rifle looking for a Made in Germany engraving, and will feel proud it was Made in America!

Get the HK Parts You Want without Hassle

HK parts are very hard to come across that don’t require you to have to get them shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. While Heckler and Koch have expanded their factories into the USA in places like New Hampshire and Georgia, these factories are only spitting out pistols and other handguns. It’s a drag having to order scrap parts from H&K themselves. It’s a long shipping process, and costs a lot more than you would expect. That’s just the nature of buying Heckler and Koch.

The team here at Beltfed Precision Products have worked hard and long to bring to you the best HK parts there are in the entire world. We don’t spike our costs up just because these are high-quality HK parts for the best firearms ever made, we’ve made it so gun enthusiasts can get their hands on the parts they need to fix up their bad boys and have fun at the shooting range. Our HK parts work perfectly with both our HK clones and firearms produced by Heckler and Koch, making it easy to repair and replace for an incredibly low cost.

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Our Line of HK Clones

Buying Heckler and Koch is expensive! However, some of the most legendary firearms are HK firearms, including the MP5, MP7, HK91, and M249 SAW. Purchasing these can be very tough on your wallet, as HK firearms are amongst the most expensive firearm brands out there! This is what fuels our desire to hook you up with some of the best HK Clones out there at a price that’s half of what they are charging you overseas.

Did You Know? One of the greatest things that Beltfed has to offer is our production of HK clones. The G3 rifle might be very popular, but Heckler and Koch has actually not manufactured any new or spare parts for the G3 Rifle since 1997. Lucky for you, we have perfected a G3 Rifle HK Clone that has all the power and reliability you have dreamt about.

Our HK clones are made to surpass their parents, to be better than Heckler and Koch themselves. We recommend getting your hands on one of our HK clones if you are looking for a way to quench your desire for HK firearms. Once you’ve taken in its beauty, there’ll never be a need to hassle with Heckler and Koch ever again. For more information about our HK clones and parts, send us a message today!