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Take a Look at the BPP94

The MP5 is a legendary submachine gun. Known for its close quarters reliability and incredible accuracy, the MP5 is definitely on the list of dream guns for collectors. The only problem is, Heckler & Koch control the price of the MP5, and keep it out of the hands of many who want one. That is exactly why you need to check out the BPP94, a high-end MP5 HK clone made by Beltfed Precision Products.


About the BPP94

The BPP94 is very much identical to the MP5, it’s hard to spot any differences in design or performance. Both can fire 9x19mm Parabellum Ammo. Both feature SEF auto-trigger groups. The big difference between the two models? The MP5 is almost double the price of the BPP94. In fact, the BPP94 basic model price starts at $1995.

Here’s a few details about the BPP94. It has the best upper receiver there currently is on the market. It features a semi-automatic roller that causes a delayed blowback. With a delayed blowback, the BPP94 uses its own recoil power to cycle the action. The BPP94 comes with an 885” 16-flute cold hammer forged 3-lug barrel with a permanent pinned on barrel extension. It comes with a hooded front sight post and a rotary rear sight, best for target shooting, It comes with a Tungsten filled F-Style Bolt Carrier Group, with an improved firing pin system, improved roller retainer spring and a reduced diameter. The BPP94 is custom fitted with a handguard manufactured by Beltfed Precision Products as well as an A2 stock. Lastly, the BPP94 doesn’t come painted with Duracoat, but rather fully painted with special proprietary paint.

There are upgrades for the BPP94 including a Picatinny Rail, an Ambidextrous Trigger Group and a Barrel Extension.

Get Your Hands on a BPP94 Today!

We know what you want out of a firearm. If you are looking to get your hands on a high-end HK clone, you cannot pass up on the BPP94. It has exactly what you want out of a MP5 clone, and beats the price of both the MP5 and any other clone on the market. Interested? Give us a call today at 909.664.4919 to place an order and be one step closer to owning your own BPP94.