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Get Your Hands on the Best HK Clones

The Finest HK Clones are here at Beltfed Precision Products

A lot of gun people can compare Heckler and Koch firearms to a Porsche. Why get a Porsche when you can get a Corvette and a Benz when put together cost half as much? The answer is simple. Heckler and Koch has created some of the greatest firearms this past century. We cannot neglect the infamous G3 Rifle, one of the most demanded 7.62mm rifles in the world, or the MP5, the smoothest shooting SMG class firearm ever made. Owning one to be the guy with the MP5 in the group is certainly worth it, even if it is just for show in some states. People respect a person with a Heckler and Koch firearm in their collection. There’s literally nothing better than owning a gun designed by Heckler and Koch.


Now, many of us will hesitate to purchase directly from Heckler and Koch. Price is the biggest reason we steer away from Heckler and Koch. After all, its German engineering and buying one is well outside our budgets. A NIB (new in box) HK94 is as much as $5000. A price like that is certainly deterring, for many reasons.

But what can you do if you want to get your hands on a Heckler and Koch design? The simplest solution is to get a HK clone. Getting an HK clone comes with many benefits. First, they are produced domestic right here in the United States. Secondly, HK clones cost half as much as their German counterparts.

Here at Beltfed Precision Products we exclusively design and manufacture HK clones so you can get your hands on some of the best firearms to ever come out. As fans of Heckler and Koch, we have spent countless hours researching, drawing out and creating HK clones that rival Heckler and Koch’s designs, performance and reliability. Here’s a little something we’ve put together for our BPP23E, a HK23E clone.  

This past May, a rare Class III/NFA HK23E machine gun was sold for $34,500.00. That’s a whole lot of money! Imagine yourself dropping that much money on a gun. It’d make a lot of us single that’s for sure! Here at Beltfed, our BPP23E models are much more affordable.  Call us today to discuss its price.

So whether you want a HK23E, G3, MP5, or any other HK firearm, HK clones are the way to go. For more information about our product catalog, contact us today at Beltfed Precision Products online or by phone at (909) 664-4919.