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Put this on Your Bucket List, Get a BPP23EK

Many don't see the practicality of owning anything by Heckler & Koch. The German firearm manufacturer is notorious for overpricing their models, and it takes way too long to process anything with them. However, make no mistake, Heckler & Koch have produced guns of legend - the MP5, the G3 Rifle, even the M249 – that many militaries around the world including the United States look at for accuracy, reliability and dependability.

So how can you get your hands on some awesome Heckler & Koch weaponry without saving up for their pricetag? The answer is simple, HK clones! Want only the best, one that's high quality and outperforms its original? Congrats you're in the right place! Beltfed Precision Products is the leader in the HK clone industry, and we want to show you why. In this article, we're putting the spotlight on the BPP23EK, a HK23E clone!

Introducing the BPP23EK

The BPP23EK is the rougher tougher version of the BPP21E, both popular .556 caliber machine guns. It's one of the most reliable small machine guns available. Some of the highlights of the BPP23EK makes it a steal on the market. Like most HK models, it comes with an S/E/F trigger group, making it enjoyable to get out and fire 100 rounds whenever possible. Other parts include a 17.7” quick change barrel, style carrying handle, feed mechanism, bolt carrier, forward assist, e-style charging handle, e-style shroud and a HK21 style bipod. Let's not forget some of the upgrades that you may get with a BPP23EK. While there's only two, they are a 4th generation rear sight and an e-style bipod.

Want to fire 7.62mm instead of 5.56mm? A simple change of the barrel, feed mechanism and bolt will accomplish that. Want a machine gun that has a zero range from 100m to 1200m in 100m increments? This is the one. These are just some of the many reasons, you have got to get your hands on the BPP23EK.

Remember that we said the BPP23EK is a clone of the HK23E model? We're almost right about that. The difference is the former has a cut cost. You'll find HK23E models on the market up to $15,000, a price that will certainly have you digging for your savings. The BPP23EK is close to half that price, saving you a lot of money!  

Get Your Hands on One Today!

It's a dream to own a belt fed machine gun, make that a reality! Contact us today either online or by phone at (909) 664-4919 for pricing and further information about our HK clones. We appreciate the beauty of a firearm, and what better way to show that appreciation by making high quality HK clones for a price you can afford.