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An In-Depth Look at the BPP11

Finding a quality HK clone is all too simple with Beltfed Precision Products. At Beltfed, we make the finest HK clones on the market, spanning a legendary lineup of rifles, submachine, and light support machine guns. What makes us different than Heckler & Koch themselves isn’t in how we design or produce our clones, but the fact we outclass them when it comes to pricing. Stop turning a blind eye to HK clones, and learn why a BPP11 is what you’ve been dreaming for!


Comparing our BPP11 to the HK11

We modeled the BPP11 after the highly recognized HK11, known as the first “true” machine gun produced by the German pioneers. Following the end of World War II, Heckler & Koch transitioned from being a machine tool plant into a full-blown armament. Amongst the first few models made, the HK11 is known for its heavyweight barrel and 7.62mm caliber, as well as its ability to fire either a 20-round magazine or a 50-round drum.  

Our BPP11 model is a genuine clone of the HK11. Their outer appearances mirror each other, making it hard to distinguish one from the other without seeing the inscribed manufacturer on the receiver. They both have an incredible length measuring over 40 inches; whereas the HK11 comes standard with a 17.71” barrel, the BPP11 overshadows with a 17.75” barrel. What’s more, both weapon models in its unloaded state weight just over 17 lbs.

Now, esthetics are nice and all, but you probably want a HK clone that matches the performance of its parent. Know this, the BPP11 cyclic rate-of-fire is that of the HK11, an incredible 800 rounds per minute. Better yet, the BPP11 matches the HK11’s muzzle velocity of 2,625 feet per second. With a cherry on top, the BPP11 shoots accurately up to 1200 meters, over ¾ of a mile! We already feel bad for the target dummies at the range when you light them up.


More About the BPP11

Maybe we didn’t make it clear earlier, but what we do at Beltfed Precision Products is create the finest HK clones on the market with a price tag on them that’s much too hard to pass up on. Traditionally, mint HK assault rifles are in the tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s just for one of them! That’s what makes the BPP11 such a steal. The price for one of these bad boys starts at $4295.

The BPP11 comes standard with many features that you’re sure to love. Some of the main highlights include a HK standard rear sight, the 17.75” quick change barrel and the popular S.E.F semi-auto trigger group. Alongside comes a standard stock, 20-round magazine and bipod. Wrapping it up is our E-style line of parts – charging handle, cocking tube support, carrying handle, bolt carrier and shroud. Upgrades for the BPP11 comprises of a 1200m sight, clubfoot stock, reinforcing rails and paddle magazine release.

Have we got your attention? Are you interested in the BPP11, or perhaps you want to see what other HK clones we have? Give our product catalog a look at, we’re confident you’ll like what you see. If you’re looking to order one instead, give us a call at (909) 664-4919.