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An In-Depth Look at the BPP11

Finding a quality HK clone is all too simple with Beltfed Precision Products. At Beltfed, we make the finest HK clones on the market, spanning a legendary lineup of rifles, submachine, and light support machine guns. What makes us different than Heckler & Koch themselves isn’t in how we design or produce our clones, but the fact we outclass them when it comes to pricing. Stop turning a blind eye to HK clones, and learn why a BPP11 is what you’ve been dreaming for!

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Affordable High Quality HK Clones by Beltfed Precision Products

Hk Clones Beltfed Precision Products

If you are looking for the best HK clones then you've come to the right place! Beltfed Precision Products crafts affordable high quality HK parts and HK clones. We pride ourselves on our workmasnship and attention to detail to give you top of the line performance for your firearms. For more information about our guns, please visit our Products Page. If you have any questions about our guns or parts please contact us!

Put this on Your Bucket List, Get a BPP23EK

Many don't see the practicality of owning anything by Heckler & Koch. The German firearm manufacturer is notorious for overpricing their models, and it takes way too long to process anything with them. However, make no mistake, Heckler & Koch have produced guns of legend - the MP5, the G3 Rifle, even the M249 – that many militaries around the world including the United States look at for accuracy, reliability and dependability.

So how can you get your hands on some awesome Heckler & Koch weaponry without saving up for their pricetag? The answer is simple, HK clones! Want only the best, one that's high quality and outperforms its original? Congrats you're in the right place! Beltfed Precision Products is the leader in the HK clone industry, and we want to show you why. In this article, we're putting the spotlight on the BPP23EK, a HK23E clone!

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Get Your Hands on the Best HK Clones

The Finest HK Clones are here at Beltfed Precision Products

A lot of gun people can compare Heckler and Koch firearms to a Porsche. Why get a Porsche when you can get a Corvette and a Benz when put together cost half as much? The answer is simple. Heckler and Koch has created some of the greatest firearms this past century. We cannot neglect the infamous G3 Rifle, one of the most demanded 7.62mm rifles in the world, or the MP5, the smoothest shooting SMG class firearm ever made. Owning one to be the guy with the MP5 in the group is certainly worth it, even if it is just for show in some states. People respect a person with a Heckler and Koch firearm in their collection. There’s literally nothing better than owning a gun designed by Heckler and Koch.

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