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The Pentagon Has Switched Over to Heckler and Koch

It’s been over 5 years since the successful raid of the most notorious terrorist of our time, Osama Bin Laden. Now, H&K’s version of the AR-15 is widely used in the US military’s arsenal, but for a wide range of reasons. One group especially, the USMC (United States Marine Corps) has incorporated the use of this very rifle in their ever-evolving tactics and training.

Heckler and Koch wasn’t widely known for being used by the US military until recently. Sure, they have outputted some of the greatest weapons of our time – the MP5 and MP7 submachine gun, PSG sniper rifle, G3 assault rifle and the USP pistol – all known for high precision, incredible reliability, and for being really expensive. Heckler and Koch has never been known for being a cheap firearm provider, but with recent situations around the world have gotten the Pentagon to reconsider moving over to the HK416 assault rifle.

The HK416 is specifically designed for the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta a.k.a. Delta Force for their covert counter-terrorist operations. Each HK416 rifle is similar to the regular AR-15, but instead of a direct impingement style gas system, the rifle uses a gas piston and pushrod to cycle the weapon when fired, mimicking the same system the legendary AK47 uses.
While the HK416 has been around since the early 2000s, the quantity produced was very limited and only found with the Delta Force. It wasn’t until it was leaked that the HK416 rifle was the weapon to put down the notorious terrorist in 2011 that the rifle was acknowledged by the entire world. Almost every special operation and law enforcement unit wanted to get their hands on the HK416 after the news, and so far the Pentagon has responded by making the HK416 one of the primary weapons for our Marine Corps.

Besides the HK416, the USMC proudly uses the M249 (SAW) machine gun. Even the Army has contracted H&K to manufacture them new G28 sniper rifles. These big investments our government has made in Heckler and Koch are sure to pay off by keeping us and our loved ones safe and well protected.

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