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Take a Look at the BPP94

The MP5 is a legendary submachine gun. Known for its close quarters reliability and incredible accuracy, the MP5 is definitely on the list of dream guns for collectors. The only problem is, Heckler & Koch control the price of the MP5, and keep it out of the hands of many who want one. That is exactly why you need to check out the BPP94, a high-end MP5 HK clone made by Beltfed Precision Products.

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Buy the Best Firearms for Less – HK Clones

When you’re shopping for groceries, do you go straight to the name-brand items, or do you try to save money by selecting Great Value products instead. Generic foods and other grocery items are just as good as those expensive name brands, so why is it that we pay for the brand and not the item? If you think about it, there are many companies that raise their prices just because they can. The same concept applies in the firearm industry. Why pay more for a Heckler & Koch firearm when instead you can get a HK Clone for about half the price?

Truth be told, Heckler & Koch can justify why their pricing is always so high for their legendary line of guns. They put their guns through torture testing, they pay attention to detail, they fit and finish each one individually, and they make sure all guns put out on the market are of high quality.

But, what if I told you there’s HK clones out there that do all the above, and compete against the firearm giant by cutting the prices in half? If you’re looking for a great firearm, take a look at some comparisons between some big shot weaponry.

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The Best Place to Get HK Parts and Clones is Here

Has it been your dream to own a legendary HK 91 Rifle, but can’t afford it? Yes, both you and I know that HK 91s, as well as mostly all other Heckler & Koch firearms are very high-end, which makes it very tough for your everyday gun enthusiast to get their hands on owning one. What if I told you there’s a way to get the HK firearm you want, less than half the cost, brand spanking new, and made domestically here in the U.S.A.? HK Clones that are better than the ones crafted by Heckler & Koch themselves? That’s right I said better, you’re not reading this wrong.

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The Pentagon Has Switched Over to Heckler and Koch

It’s been over 5 years since the successful raid of the most notorious terrorist of our time, Osama Bin Laden. Now, H&K’s version of the AR-15 is widely used in the US military’s arsenal, but for a wide range of reasons. One group especially, the USMC (United States Marine Corps) has incorporated the use of this very rifle in their ever-evolving tactics and training.

Heckler and Koch wasn’t widely known for being used by the US military until recently. Sure, they have outputted some of the greatest weapons of our time – the MP5 and MP7 submachine gun, PSG sniper rifle, G3 assault rifle and the USP pistol – all known for high precision, incredible reliability, and for being really expensive. Heckler and Koch has never been known for being a cheap firearm provider, but with recent situations around the world have gotten the Pentagon to reconsider moving over to the HK416 assault rifle.

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H&K Makes a Move in America

Heckler & Koch Warehouse Facility Located in Columbus, Georgia
Picture by The Firearm Blog

This past week, Heckler & Koch finalized a decision to mover 84 jobs from their factory in Newington, New Hampshire, to their new $28 million plant located in Columbus, Georgia.

Moving from New Hampshire to Georgia

The move, as Heckler & Koch have stated, was made because of the laws restricting them in the state of New Hampshire. The state was imploding with high energy costs, rising health care rates, and no right-to-work laws.

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